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Five Amazing Aqua Yoga Poses to Encourage You

Aqua, isn’t it sounds marvelous! When I heard about such yoga, it appeared to me as something very new and thrilling. But, do you know practicing yoga in water is now a trend? Yes, it is a latest trend especially in the foreign countries like Italy that has brought you all back to the basics. This practice of floating in water is a new style of mediation that people practice happily. The reason behind everyone being excited to follow this aqua yoga is water’s buoyancy, which takes the weight of your joints, thereby making the most difficult pose feel effortless.

By practicing these aqua yoga poses, you will be able to connect with your body, release pain, and restores lymphatic system therefore encouraging you to move with the flow.

So, it’s the correct time that you should also perform this yoga and get ready to grab the benefits.

If you are interested in it, you must join yoga retreat in Italy that have professionals who will guide you about the right poses to try in water. Here are some of the wonderful aqua yoga poses that you must try to relieve stress:

1.    Cobra

cobraFirst, stand in the swimming pool with your feet about two feet from the pool wall. Now, keep your chest deep in the water. Try to grab the coping stone firmly and make sure that you hold your forearms flat against the wall. Try to tilt your forehead in a backward direction, touching the water while you arch your back, thereby stretching your belly button towards the wall, without touching it. Aim to bring yourself on your toes and take a deep breath. After this, slowly and gradually come out in a standing position.

2.    Backbend


This is slightly similar to the cobra pose. You need to keep your chest in water and stand in it with your back away from the pool wall at a distance of 2-3 feet. While making a backward arch, inhale and bring your hands over the top. Hold this position for 2-3 breaths, while you continue to push the belly button from the wall. Gradually return to the initial standing position.

3.    Stork


Try to keep your waist deep in water. Now, slightly bend your knee and lift your right leg until your thigh is parallel to the pool floor. Ensure that your toes are pointed, now press your left heel down. Though it’s tough to hold on your right toe with one hand and straighten it yet isn’t an impossible task. While breathing deeply, try to pull your toes to increase your strength. After that return to the original position and try this pose with the other leg too.

4.    Triangle


Stand in a pool that has comfortable water depth and try to stand at an arm’s length distance from the wall. Keep your right arm straight and make sure that your right hand fingers are touching the coping stone. Now, try to spread your legs and shoulder width apart. Ensure that your right foot is pointing towards the wall and your left foot is parallel to the wall. Taking a deep breath, move your left arm towards the right arm and over to the head. Hold this pose for the about 2-3 breathe and then return to the initial position. If you find it difficult, join yoga retreat in Italy, as they have expert yoga teachers who will direct you an easy way so that you do the pose smoothly.

5.    Sugarcane Pose


Try to breathe deeply and put your weight to your front foot. Let your back leg float and maintain a balance. Hold your back floating foot in your hand. This would help to stretch your spine.

Relief yourself from stress and enjoy practicing these five wonderful aqua yoga poses.

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