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3 Yoga Poses for Effective Weight Loss

With so much of the workload and a tiringly busy schedule, devoting time to health is a difficult task. In a country like Italy, that loves to eat, health becomes a major concern. The result of a lifestyle, which lets you take out no time for yourself, is a body that you are unable to handle. Obesity is one conspicuous result of mindless eating and no moving around. To find a solution to it, you need to maintain yourself by burning those umpteen calories that you gather every day and he best way to do it, is to exercise. Exercise releases a lot of sweat and so cycling, running, swimming, and jogging absolutely fit into the category of exercises that release sweat and burn calories.


But, if you are not the running type, you should do Yogaasanas, which are a very effective for weight loss. Yoga not only pertains to weight loss, but also helps you reduce stress levels. The good news is that there are many a Yoga retreat in Italy that can help you with this.

Here are the 3 poses that can help you in losing weight:

1. Yoga Warrior Pose: Its original name is Virabhadrasana. It results in strengthening the arm, shoulder, and the thigh muscles. It also improves the balance of your body apart from increasing the stamina and aiding in weight reduction. To do this pose you need to stand erect and move your feet apart from each other least 3-4 inches.

Yoga Asana

After that, you need to bend your right knee and move your hand upwards in a Namaskar pose. Further, you need to close your eyes for at least a minute. Do this with the other leg too. Regularly do these pose and see the benefit within a week you lose kilos of weight.

2. Yoga Chair Pose: It is also known as the Utkatasana. Sitting in a chair is very easy, but imagining to sit in it without a chair is a challenging situation. This is what the utkatasana is all about. It is helpful for strengthening the lower back, and balancing your body.


It also helps to lose the belly fat. Stand straight with your feet slightly apart from each other. Now, stretch your hands to the front with the palms facing downwards. Make sure you do not bend your elbows. Then, bend your knees like you sit on a chair.

3. Boat pose: This is known as the Naukasana. It helps strengthen your back and abdominal muscles. In this pose, you must lie on your back with your feet joined together and arms beside your body. Now, take a deep breath in and as you exhale out, lift your chest and feet out of the ground. Keep breathing and practicing this pose.


Make sure that you practice all these poses under a professional yoga teacher. Search on Google the best yoga professionals. Still not sure on their commitments of guiding you the best? It can be a good decision to opt for a specialized Yoga retreat in Italy, which directs you towards the correct way of doing them.

So, it can be a rather good idea to join yoga classes for losing those extra pounds that are killing you slowly. And the perks of stress relief comes a bonus

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