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Seven Myths about Yoga, Busted Here

Yoga is not on a trending fashion of the day but also a practice that heals the mind and the body. And this information is for those who admire it just because it is “in”.

Soon after the United Nation Organization declared the International Yoga Day to be observed the 21st of June, people have started celebrating this day by practicing a couple of popular yoga poses. In 2015, the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi was spotted performing yoga at the ceremonial road in New Delhi along with 40,000 yoga practitioners. Yoga is gaining popularity around the world, mostly in the developed countries like Italy and the United Kingdom.

However, many myths regarding the ancient practice have been making circles for a long time now.. Here are the seven misconceptions that people have regarding yoga:

1. You Need to Be Flexible to Do Yoga: You need to start practicing yoga now so that in the coming few years you can become flexible. Yoga requires a combination of balance, strength, and flexibility. Usually, everyone has either of the above and you can use it to enhance the other areas of your practice.


2. It’s Not Meant for Men: It was started exclusively by men thousands of years ago. Nowadays men are practicing yoga more than women.

3. Yoga is Very Costly: In this modern world of technology, a click on Google or YouTube gets you the most easy access to the online free yoga services and videos.

4 Type of Yoga: There are many types of yoga. One of the most famous is the Vinyasa, that includes breathing practices along with movement. Hatha yoga is a slower one that involves static postures. Power yoga that focuses on strengthening and cardiovascular.

Types -yoga-for

Such different types of yoga must be practiced under a well-trained yoga professionals at yoga centers.

It would be a good idea to try some helpful yogasanas at a yoga retreat in Italy, if you happen to be there.

5. People with Injuries or Pain Should Not do Yoga: Keeping in the view the beneficial points of yoga, this fact must not be ignored that it has healing properties. Therefore, it is the best treatment for pain and sets you free from any injury. But only a professional trainer can help you with it.


6. Yoga is Time Consuming: Even if you devote 10 minutes in the morning for yoga, it can prove to bebeneficial. It would help you strengthen your mind and body.

7. It is Not a Workout: There are several types of yoga that help you to keep you fit and healthy. For more strength in particular, you can do Power yoga or Ashtanga class. This will boost your heart rate up, burn calories and build strength.

These were the seven myths about yoga. Hope you all have eradicated all the misconceptions now. So, with a positive approach book yoga retreat, and make yourself fit and healthy.

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