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Six Reasons Why Italy should be Your Next Yoga Destination

If you feel like taking a break from your busy professional life and planning for yoga vacations, then you must opt for Italy as your final destination. Italy is a place that makes your soul sing. Vacation is the most luxurious time in your life, which you must spend with great fitness. Yoga vacation is much more than just a holiday. It can uplift your spirits and bring about a positive change in your life.

So, if you think that planning a splendid yoga retreats in Italy is a good idea for you, here are 6 reasons that will justify your choice


  • Focus on Yourself: When you are at a Yoga retreat, you not need to follow the  same schedule which you do at home. It is perfect time to forget your diet and all other things which worry you, just listen to your heart. You have ample time and space to do things which make you happy in beautiful places of your choice. Meditation is another incredible way in which you can benefit from a yoga vacation.
  • Explore New Locations: A country like Italy which has so many beautiful cities which include Rome, Florence, Venice, Verona and many more. Perugia is the largest city in Umbria with amazing 15th century archeological buildings, where you can practice yoga and also get enrolled for various yoga classes. You will definitely enjoy yoga at different locations.


  • Hangout with New Friends: In these lovely vacations you will get a chance to meet many new people who may have the same passion for yoga, just like you. This will be a very good opportunity for you to interact with people from different walks of life. And when you go back you can share your experiences with other people. You never know, the person who you met on yoga retreat may become a lifetime friend.
  • Enjoy Healthy Food: There are excellent yoga centres in Italy, where you can enjoy home cooked, locally sourced meals. They also offer wine and chocolates. These spiritual yoga centres choose their menu according to the taste of their guests. Moreover the quality of food is very good and these centres make full diet plan for you according to your yoga schedule.



  • Relax Your Mind in Fresh Air: If you are a nature loving person, Italy is definitely the best place for practising yoga in open gardens which are surrounded by mountains. You can also choose to be by the seaside where your mind, body and soul will feel peaceful.
  • Enjoy to Your Fullest: You will be in a beautiful location where you can live your life without any restrictions and, more importantly, no deadlines for work. You will have so many options for choosing your favourite place for practising Yoga. You have the luxury of taking little naps at any time you want and have fun with new friends without a reason. Many yoga centres in Italy also give facility of Wi-Fi, just in case you can’t leave media entertainment or your work behind.

If you looking for a yoga holiday at such a beautiful and uplifting location in Italy, visit Abundance Yoga Retreats Italy which offer a unique retreat that promises self-inquiry, self-employment and self-love through the modalities of yoga, wholesome and loved food and supportive community.


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