Blissful Meditation: 4 Valuable Ways That Can Actually Change the Structure of Your Mind

Meditation does not mean sitting crossed legs inside a dark forest; you can meditate on the chair as well!

Undoubtedly, roots of yoga and meditation might have started from India, but, today, both these terms are followed and adopted by many other countries around the globe. Many other countries besides India have also started benefitting themselves from this amazing practice called yoga. Go anywhere in the world and you will see that yoga has already reached those places. In fact, you can enjoy the finest yoga retreats in Italy and many other European countries, which have been practicing Yoga and meditation since a very long period.

By now, you might have heard a lot about yoga & mediation and its benefits to your overall wellness. Absolutely, nothing can calm and soothe the entire being like meditation. No matter, if you are practicing sweaty and intense yoga, or just go for a gentle one, it is going to benefit you anyway. Simply, mediation can overpoweringly alter the experiences of your life.


Even if you peep into the history, you will discover that the sage Patanjali and the Buddha both promised that “Mediation” can eradicate the sufferings caused by an uncultivated mind. They taught their followers to cultivate joy, compassion, and focused attention. They even had a belief that meditation can change the mental power and emotional patterns, if mediation is practiced regularly.

You can even find Yogis claiming to structure their brains just by practicing meditation in smaller doses, which has proven to be absolutely true! Yes, Meditation can actually structure your mind and spark that inner peace you always desired for.

Don’t believe us? Have a look yourself at five valuable ways that can actually change the structure of your mind in no time.

  1. Relives Stress, Lower Blood Pressure, And Lifts The Mood

Meditation rewires the nerves circuits in the brain, strengthening the ones we use the most. When you practice meditation regularly, you automatically relieve the stress, lower blood pressure, and lift the mood in no time. Most of the people practice ‘Mindful Meditation’, which challenges them to keep their attention fixed on the present moment while controlling their sensations. It rewires the nerves and help in healing the wounds caused by stress and tension.


  1. Leads To Volume Changes In The Brain

If Mindful mediation is done for the continuous eight weeks can increase the cortical thickness in the hippocampus that usually shrinks, as we age. This area of the brain play crucial role in governing the learning and memory. Not just this, it also decreases the volume of amygdale in brain cell, which is generally responsible for fear, anxiety, and stress in the mind. So, overall, meditation balances the volumes in the brain.

  1. Control Your Addiction With Mediation

Meditation can even change the structure of your mind, when it comes to addiction. It improves the self-control of an individual over his mind, allowing him to take better decisions in life. When you gain self-control on certain regions of the brain, you can control different types of addiction. For instance, smokers can reduce their craving for smoking just by practicing meditation for a few minutes in a day. So, no more addictions when you are in a meditating state.

  1. Frequent Meditation Breaks Helps in Developing Brains

Mediation can develop the brains and gives the power to combat usual stress and traumas of life. When meditation is started at an early age gives more power and strength to the brains. For example, as kids can develop their brains faster, they can practice mediation in schools, if every school starts mediation classes occasionally.

Meditation is an important part of life that we all have forgotten in our busy lives. We, therefore, need to make it a part of our schedule to ensure that we live a healthy and peaceful life ahead.


You can even check out these informative videos for gaining “watch and learn” yoga and meditation experience. Follow these links below!

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